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Save and Edit Quotes

Using the "My Quotes" Web features, you can:

  • Add Items
  • Remove Items
  • Update Quantities

Need to Make Adjustments?

Editing your Home Depot Pro quote involves three simple steps:

  1. Access your quotes by clicking "My Quotes" in the drop-down menu under "Orders & Quotes."
  2. Under "Quote Dashboard," click "My Quotes" or "Approval Queue" to see a list of quotes that you would like to view and/or edit.
  3. Click the name of the specific quote you want to view and/or edit.

How to Adjust a Quote

It's easy to adjust your quote! Enter item numbers with the "Quick Add" option on the left-hand side, then select "Add to Quote" to save those items to your quote. You can also adjust the item quantities in your quote by altering quantities in your quote screen and then selecting "Update Quantity."

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